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Quoit Series

The story behind the photo

Although I’ve baulked at the idea of using multiple filters/colours to create a series of Merlin images for NFTs (cheap, easy trick), whilst going through my archives for images to add to the Landscape category on my website, I realised that I already have various ‘natural’ series of images; in the case of Trethevy Quoit, taken whilst walking along, sweeping my camera through the long grass, taking short bursts at about 3 shots per second. I’m quite excited about this – because… it’s uncontrived!

This is what I mean about spontaneity in photography – the ‘letting go’ of ‘control’ and allowing for synchronicity.
The ‘secret’ of this technique is to place the camera into pools of light wherever the sun shines through gaps. I call this Reverse Composition; it also works if you place the camera at the edge of any strong shadow.

(tech notes: shooting into the sun ‘contre-jour’, Canon Eos 5D mk III, Canon 24-105 L IS USM set at ISO 1600, aperture f16, shutter speed 1/250s = sharp images with high depth of field)

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